Organize your Fitness Business

Interested in keeping your fitness business organized. We might have the right solution for your personal studio.
Providing some of the latest techniques at a price that cannot be beat.


Some of our system unique features


A full calendar that will display all you appointments in a yearly, monthly, weekly or daily view to view your schedule

User Management

Add, edit and maintain multiple users. Have the ability to provide to individual unique comments about there workout

User Information

Easily access individual user information information

Remaining Sessions

View each of your user remaining sessions for each of there paid packages

User Body Statistics

Track the statistics of your users daily and check there progress

User Contact

Easily contact your clients either by sending them an email or an sms


All the packages that you offering for easily holding individual information

Membership Payments

Have an clear knowledge of you payment. Know who has payed and who still owes money

Printable Payments Invoices

Generate printable invoiced to provide to your users who have completed there payments

Appointment Creation

Add new appointment according for each user according to there membership payments

Recurring Appointments

Create recurring appointments for users that have a fixed schedule

Responsive Design

Either at work or one the road our system is flexible enough to work from either you pc, table or phone. No extra applications required

Some features that are coming soon

Appointment Workout Tracking

You will be able to track what exercises your user has performed on the given appointment

User Accessible Information

With your own website your users can easily check out there appointment schedule as well as other information

Dashboard And reporting

View and export general information of your business

Automatic Members check in

Your members can automatically check in on arrival

Get Organized and boost your business

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